Defined: Tie Box

Defined: Tie Box



Nobody in recent times has asked us the question: "What is a tie box?".  Nobody...not a single person.  BUT, we'd like to take this time (and waste yours) by defining a tie box.

If you type "Tie Box" into Wikipedia you get something about throwing boxes into the sea.

This is not a tie box.

When you think of the term tie box you might think of a traditional box that is used to hold ties

This one is a tie box but not the fun kind.

There's also this:

This is not a tie box.  These are actually box ties.  To the dyslexic these are tie boxes but to the non-dyslexic these are very clearly not tie boxes.


And finally we have our definition.  This definition was invented by The Tie Fix and was validated by zero credible sources.  Here you go:


TIE BOX - noun - A box of awesomeness that arrives at your doorstep every month containing 1 or more ties in it.  Additional accessories are not required but are appreciated.

Thus concludes today's discussion about tie boxes.  

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