Tie Tips

Tie Tips
Which tie goes with what?
It’s important to wear the correct tie for the suit and the occasion. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

1. Formal events
Going to a black-tie affair? Most black-tie-affairs always call for the classic bow tie, especially if you are wearing a tuxedo. However, for semi-formal affairs, a three-piece suiting option with a perfectly tied necktie of proper length and color is always acceptible.

2. Skinny ties
A professionally-tailored suit that is slim fit is accentuated well by a skinny necktie. Finish the look with a tie bar to appear polished and sharp.

3. Colored and patterned ties
You should first consider your shirt when determining the color and pattern of your tie — and then your suit. A crisp, white shirt and a dark navy or charcoal suit will always accentuate a brightly colored tie.
Pattern layering can work when the patterns on the shirt and the tie complement one another, and a patterned tie with a white or light-colored pastel, like blue or pink, works well also.

4. Tie knots
Choose your knot type according to your shirt. A widespread collar will look better with a large and triangular-shaped knot. This type of knot also looks better with an Italian silk tie.
A straight-point collar shirt will look better paired with a narrower knot and a longer extension. A tall and lean gentleman looks better with a small, longish knot. Men that are stockier and have a thicker neck should opt for the wider knot and more proportionate tie width.

What to avoid when wearing a tie
Avoid the following mistakes when you wear a tie:

5. A tie that is too short
A tie should end near the middle of the belt buckle. If you are a taller man, purchase a longer length tie to accommodate your height so that you appear proportioned.

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